KNPR Highlights M.Y.S. Firm President in Celebration of International Women’s Day
March 8, 2022

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Nevada Public Radio (KNPR) invited several of Nevada’s prominent female leaders to share insights during a live taping of its State of Nevada program, which included M.Y.S. President Myisha Boyce. This segment focused on the steps Nevada can take to break biases and balance inequities that are faced by women and individuals within marginalized communities.

When asked about the practices of businesses that create a positive impact for diverse populations, Myisha Boyce explains, “Folks that are interested in moving women’s issues forward are people who have put time, resources, effort, and set aside budgets to make sure those efforts are intentional”. Listen to the full interview of KNPR “’Break the bias’ theme for International Women’s Day rings familiar in Nevada” to hear more from Nevada’s thought leaders about how we can move forward to forge equitable spaces for all.