Select the Virtual Management Approach that Works for You

MYS has a successful history of partnering with organizations of all sizes and across industries to effectively provide virtual project management solutions. Our skilled professionals are trained to oversee and track project schedules, milestones, deliverables, and budgets – ensuring all expectations are met. MYS project managers are expert communicators that have been thoroughly vetted and screened to meet or exceed minimum professional standards including a 4-year college degree, PMP certification, and 5-years of experience managing high-stakes programs.

In short, we provide support that drives success.


A practical solution for unexpected and short-term leaves of absence. Lean on our experienced project managers who specialize in quickly adapting to existing processes, methodologies, and styles at any stage within the project lifecycle, to limit disruption, and facilitate seamless production.
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Grow staff and technical capacity through a private partnership. We adapt to existing standards, tools, and styles to provide high-quality project management support while externally appearing as part of your team. Count on us to interface with your clients and deliver at the standards you expect.

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From scoping through completion, let’s partner on a project together. Utilize MYS’ extensive performance and experience to bolster chances at landing larger scopes of work. From project scoping through the final deliverable, our team will work alongside yours to ensure complete project success.


MYS is driven by integrity and uncompromising customer service standards. Our clients are responsible for our success and we thank them by guaranteeing our performance. We commit to solving problems before they ever materialize.  Let us help you meet your business goals through our vetted support services.

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Scope Monitoring

Tired of projects veering off schedule and going over budget? MYS project managers ensure projects stay within set parameters by monitoring milestones and deliverables. Skilled communication tactics are implemented to ensure shared expectations. We provide a cost savings measure to our clients by alerting possible scope creep in advance of commitments.

*Control Scope is the process of monitoring the status of the project and product scope and managing changes to the scope baseline.

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Schedule Setting

MYS project resources provide scheduling services which include creation, monitoring, and management of customized schedules based on the needs of the project and desired stakeholder interaction. The implementation of our dynamic tools allow for effective visuals to be produced and included in the cost of services.

*Control schedule is the process of monitoring the status of the project to update the project schedule and manage changes to the schedule baseline. 

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Resource Tracking

Excited that you just landed a new scope but not sure if your resources can handle it? Our project team will monitor and track resource availability to build a cycle of on-time task processing. With our help, you can rest-assured that assigned resources are available to the project at the right time and in the right place and are released for other projects when no longer needed.

*Control resources is the process of ensuring that the physical resources assigned and allocated to the project are available as planned, as well as monitoring the planned versus actual utilization of resources and performing corrective action as necessary. 

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Communication Management

Our trained staff act as a professional communication hub for your project’s lifecycle, ensuring seamless collaboration, and a consistent flow of information. We alleviate the burden of fielding incoming and outgoing administrative information as well as documentation for busy resources, allowing staff more time to focus on their core strengths and capabilities.

*Communication methods is a systematic procedure, technique, or process used to transfer information among project stakeholders. A communication management plan is a component of the project, program, or portfolio management plan that describes how, when, and by whom information about the project will be administered and disseminated. 

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Survey Administration

Lean on MYS to collect important project metrics utilizing our customized research tools and expertise. We work with your stakeholders to design, manage, and create targeted content that zeros in on needed insight, resulting in neatly-packaged quantitative results supporting data-driven decision making within projects.

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General Administrative

MYS offers administrative support packages that allow for a lower-cost option when assistance is required for low-stakes, short-term tasks. Administrative functions include, but are not limited to: travel scheduling, project tool troubleshooting, onsite and virtual meeting support, materials organization, and project research.

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