About Us

MYS Mission to provide the support that drives successMYS was formed in 2014 when company founder, Ms. Myisha Williams, recognized an increasing demand for project management professionals who can author innovative, yet realistic and efficient management strategies within high-stakes technical and civil business environments. When partner, Laura Silva, joined in 2015, she brought with her a wealth of complimentary experience and skills related to marketing and design services for small-business, non-profit, and corporate entities, allowing the firm to expand beyond its original strategic offerings. The team continues to grow, with members bringing skill sets that further address client needs and provide MYS with an expanding menu of specialties. As the organization changes, one fact remains strong: staff are committed to honoring company values that center on integrity, personal growth, as well as a promise to our clients to always provide sustainable services at only the highest level of service.

To provide support that drives success

To empower community excellence

Core Values
Encourage Laughter
Empower Passion
Respect Authentic Self
Drive Social Impact
Advance Innovation
Foster Integrity


As experienced government and private-sector contractors, staff at MYS are exclusively positioned to function as unobtrusive extensions of existing processes. The firm supports continuous education of its employees and actively participates in various industry-related organizations and learning opportunities. In turn, we are able to include recommendations that consider the most current and emerging practices, technology, and strategies that will increase efficiency and reduce internal workload for our clients.


Myisha Williams Project Management Las Vegas
Myisha Y. Williams

• President & Managing Member • Prior to founding MYS, Myisha spent over a decade leading programs...

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Laura Silva President and Managing Member
Laura Silva

• Brand Director & Managing Member • Laura has dedicated more than a decade to executing both print and...

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Felecia McKinney Project Director at MYS
Felecia McKinney, MPA, PMP

• Project Director • Felecia comes to MYS with a wealth of technical assessment knowledge and extensive...

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Myrna Bacurin MYS Project and Brand Manager
Myrna Bacurin

• Executive Assistant • Myrna brings over 15 years of experience in executive level support to maintain...

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Chris Smith - San Diego Graphic Designer
Christopher Smith

• Graphic Designer • Chris joined MYS’ brand management team in 2016, bringing with him over a...

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Adriana Arce Social Media Coordinator
Adriana Arce

• Digital Media Coordinator • Adriana graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Arts...

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Anna Compton Web Designer
Anna Compton

• Web Designer • Anna received her education from Voronezh State University; she graduated with a...

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CJ DuQue Graphic Designer
C.J. DuQue

• Graphic Design Assistant • Joining the team in 2018, C.J. DuQue contributes graphic and illustration...

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